I was tiered of all the smudges in my tablet’s screen from constant taping and swiping. I was shopping around for the best stylus for my Samsung Galaxy tablet and decided to go with the Bluroo stylus pens which comes in a pack of 3 in amazon. I was surprised by the raving reviews for the product and thought that I will try it out. I have to say that i am quite impressed with it.

These are comfortably short stylus and fit well with my my tablet.  I have noticed an increase in my texting speed.  Accuracy rate is also quite high as I no longer fat finger on different keys. They can be attached to the phone or tablet which makes them easier to keep track of.

It has a great price point at $5.99 and I am sure I will make good use of it when I buy my ultimate smart phone and the cheapest 3G/4G Plan ever for the US customers.


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As a task manager


A tab or smart phone can be used as a task manager to list your tasks, set priority and deadlines. Reminders can be set up and you can track the completion of the tasks with just a few taps. There are specific articles written reviewing GTD apps. Life will never be disorganized again. There are raving reviews for task managers like GTD, Due today, Gtask etc. I would suggest trying out a few of these because each one is considerably different from the other. But as competitive developers work hard, the gap is closing up fast. I prefer a task manager running on tablet when compared to that running on a phone because it is easier to make notes in the tablet. There are paid apps around which can sync the tasks among multiple devices.

There are also task managers for internally handling android apps and their tasks. But I do not use that much. You can see why in this video.

As a to do list


I use this quite a lot. There are several to do lists and some of the task managers come equipped with a to-do list. The one which I use is an app named exactly that “To Do List”. You can categorize your to do list into different sections like work related personal to do list, list of grocery to be purchased (To do List even provides a list of grocery items to select from). You can also include personal notes. I carry my galaxy tab while going for shopping. The tab will have a grocery list which I would like to buy and I check off each item I buy from the list. The bar code scanner also comes in handy while doing shopping. Now a days, whenever I remember to do something, I immediately make a note of it in either my task manager or to do list. It has made me 10 times more productive and reduced my errors by many fold.

This is  a small portion taken from my book called 100 ways to use your android device. Believe it or not Amazon can be a great place to shop for your galaxy tab accessories for the best valued products.

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Using Galaxy tab as a phone.

I had written an article on how to use an android tablet like galaxy tab as  a phone. I found out that lots of people wanted to do more with their galaxy tab or other tablets, like making phone calls over wifi. The were looking for using Galaxy tab to make outgoing calls or searching for galaxy tab apps for incoming calls. Even though I have already discussed several options in the link above, More queries are coming in asking about how to use your galaxy tab as a phone. Using galaxy tab as a phone full time is possible but a user taking that decision has to keep the following things in mind.

For learning how to use your galaxy tab in more ways than you imagined, read this book

100 ways to use your android device

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Free Phone calls from your Galaxy tab on Wifi. How to use a tablet as a phone?

I have just tested out a technique to use your galaxy tablet as a phone whenever a Wifi or 3G is available. This technique allows you to get absolutely free incoming and outgoing phone calls. If you are using an android device over wifi and if you want to make free phone calls or receive free phone calls, then this is the best method I have seen so far. I haven’t found a single technique or tool to make or receive  free phone calls but there is a combination of tools which we can use to accomplish this. This method uses a combination of android voip apps and android IM apps to do this. I have personally tested this and it works great. Let us first go over the details for getting free incoming calls from any land line or mobile from anywhere in the world.

For learning how to use your galaxy tab in more ways than you imagined, read this book

100 ways to use your android device

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When do we need such an app to transfer text instantly between android and computer?

Consider this situation. You are browsing some web pages in an android app phone or tablet and realized that the webpage will look better if you view it in a big screen of your laptop. What will you do, especially if the URL or the link to that website is something like this? http://www.google.com/imgres?q=android&hl=en&biw=1599&bih=820&gbv=2&tbm=isch&tbnid=HVFgfm8347XwrM:&imgrefurl=





175&start=0&ndsp=33&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:0. Imagine typing all that looking at your android phone or tablet into your PC’s browser window. So, is there an easy way out? Of course you can send yourself an email or use bluetooth if there is an option. But that is too slow for me. Well, I have come across this situation numerous times and the first thing I thought was that there should be some inbuilt mechanism through which I can sync my PC’s clipboard data with my android phone/tablet’s clipboard. I looked around and found none such app. So I devised a few ways on my own to tackle this issue.

So, How do I send text or link quickly to and from android phone / tablet.

So, I have thought about it for some time and with my limited exposure to android, I have thought of three ways in which I can transfer data to and fro the computer. Basically any cloud based services which cover both PC and android should do the trick. But I specifically liked a few options which I am going to describe below.

1. workflowy.com

This is my favorite option and I am personally using it. If you haven’t heard about workflowy.com, it is a super cool tool to organize and plan your thoughts and actions. It lets you create a tree structured list where you can break down complex tasks or lists into finer tasks until you are left with a list of easily actionable tasks. But the designers of workflowy.com has also provided a mobile interface which can be used by android phones/tablets. So, these days when I want to copy some text or link to the PC from my android, I quickly copy it (In android, if you click and hold on a text or a link you can copy all or portion of most of the text) and launch my workflowy android app. I then paste it some where in the list. Now if I go to my PC browser and open workflowy.com, the entry I just made will be available there. This works for text of any length and complex links. Here is a screenshot of how I copied the name of the popular ebook “100 ways to use your android app” to my android device.

Workflowy.com android screenshot


The portion underlined in with red shows the most recent entry I copy pasted. Now If I go to my PC and access the workflowy.com website, the changes will appear there immediately. In some cases, I have seen that if you exit the workflowy android app after copy paste, this will work faster. But even if the workflowy.com browser window was open while you were making the changes in android device, the copy pasted text will appear in a matter of seconds. Here is how the copy pasted section is seen in the web workflowy.com interface.



So far this is the easiest method I have seen which can copy paste stuff to and fro. The only pre-requisite is that both your devices should have some sort of internet connection.

2. Airdroid app

This is the easiest way to copy stuff to and from your PC and android “IF” your android device and PC share the same wifi network. If you haven’t heard about the airdroid app, it is a great free app which lets you view the contents of your android device (phone/tablet) via your PC which is connected to the same wifi network. This is not really a cloud based service. Basically, when you install airdroid app in android and launch it, you will be provided with a URL and a password. You then enter this URL into your PC’s browser window and give the password when prompted. Once the connection is established, you will see a neatly arranged interface with individual folders for your apps, music, pictures, contacts etc. You can export or import stuff to and from PC and android phone/tablet. Here is a screen shot of airdroid interface as it appears in your PC.



The box shown in red is the thing which we are interested in. It will allow you to copy and paste stuff from your android devices clipboard. For example the last thing which I copied from my android device (“100 ways to use your android device”) will be still in the clipboard. Here is a screen shot of the text field which appears when I click the clipboard icon.



As you might have guessed, this interface can be used to transfer any text from your directly to your phone’s clipboard. So you can basically skip the copy part(It will already be copied to your androids clipboard memory). You simply need to paste it at the target location. Of course the downside for this is that your android device and computer should be always connected to the same wifi. But If you are a heavy user, then I highly recommend this approach.


What do you think

So, what do you think about these options? Are they good? Do you have a better way of doing things? If yes, do let me know.