I was tiered of all the smudges in my tablet’s screen from constant taping and swiping. I was shopping around for the best stylus for my Samsung Galaxy tablet and decided to go with the Bluroo stylus pens which comes in a pack of 3 in amazon. I was surprised by the raving reviews for the product and thought that I will try it out. I have to say that i am quite impressed with it.

These are comfortably short stylus and fit well with my my tablet.  I have noticed an increase in my texting speed.  Accuracy rate is also quite high as I no longer fat finger on different keys. They can be attached to the phone or tablet which makes them easier to keep track of.

It has a great price point at $5.99 and I am sure I will make good use of it when I buy my ultimate smart phone and the cheapest 3G/4G Plan ever for the US customers.


As a task manager


A tab or smart phone can be used as a task manager to list your tasks, set priority and deadlines. Reminders can be set up and you can track the completion of the tasks with just a few taps. There are specific articles written reviewing GTD apps. Life will never be disorganized again. There are raving reviews for task managers like GTD, Due today, Gtask etc. I would suggest trying out a few of these because each one is considerably different from the other. But as competitive developers work hard, the gap is closing up fast. I prefer a task manager running on tablet when compared to that running on a phone because it is easier to make notes in the tablet. There are paid apps around which can sync the tasks among multiple devices.

There are also task managers for internally handling android apps and their tasks. But I do not use that much. You can see why in this video.

As a to do list


I use this quite a lot. There are several to do lists and some of the task managers come equipped with a to-do list. The one which I use is an app named exactly that “To Do List”. You can categorize your to do list into different sections like work related personal to do list, list of grocery to be purchased (To do List even provides a list of grocery items to select from). You can also include personal notes. I carry my galaxy tab while going for shopping. The tab will have a grocery list which I would like to buy and I check off each item I buy from the list. The bar code scanner also comes in handy while doing shopping. Now a days, whenever I remember to do something, I immediately make a note of it in either my task manager or to do list. It has made me 10 times more productive and reduced my errors by many fold.

This is  a small portion taken from my book called 100 ways to use your android device. Believe it or not Amazon can be a great place to shop for your galaxy tab accessories for the best valued products.

Using Galaxy tab as a phone.

I had written an article on how to use an android tablet like galaxy tab as  a phone. I found out that lots of people wanted to do more with their galaxy tab or other tablets, like making phone calls over wifi. The were looking for using Galaxy tab to make outgoing calls or searching for galaxy tab apps for incoming calls. Even though I have already discussed several options in the link above, More queries are coming in asking about how to use your galaxy tab as a phone. Using galaxy tab as a phone full time is possible but a user taking that decision has to keep the following things in mind.

For learning how to use your galaxy tab in more ways than you imagined, read this book

100 ways to use your android device

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Free Phone calls from your Galaxy tab on Wifi. How to use a tablet as a phone?

I have just tested out a technique to use your galaxy tablet as a phone whenever a Wifi or 3G is available. This technique allows you to get absolutely free incoming and outgoing phone calls. If you are using an android device over wifi and if you want to make free phone calls or receive free phone calls, then this is the best method I have seen so far. I haven’t found a single technique or tool to make or receive  free phone calls but there is a combination of tools which we can use to accomplish this. This method uses a combination of android voip apps and android IM apps to do this. I have personally tested this and it works great. Let us first go over the details for getting free incoming calls from any land line or mobile from anywhere in the world.

For learning how to use your galaxy tab in more ways than you imagined, read this book

100 ways to use your android device

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Airdroid review

Airdroid is an app to connect your mobile to your computer, transfer files and much more. In this article, we will discuss some cool things you can do with Airdroid free version and what its premium apk has to offer. Here is the Google play store link to Airdroid

Have you ever tried transferring files from your computer to mobile or vice versa? If it is just one or two files, then some of us used to send the file to our email and access the email from our computer or mobile to do the transfer. But while transferring significant data, this method is not feasible. The traditional method that most of the folks do is to do transfers by connecting your mobile or tablet to your computer via a USB port. But what if you can do the transfers easily via your home/office WIFI network? Airdroid helps you do just that. Most of us know Airdroid as a means to simply transfer files wireless. But Airdroid is much more than that.

Let us start with the more popular functions of Airdroid and later delve into the lesser known yet powerful features.

How to use Airdroid?

In order to use Airdroid, we need to connect Airdroid to a computer. For the basic connectivity, both devices (i.e, the mobile and computer) should be on the same WIFI network. So, if you have a home WIFI, then it is very easy to connect. In your browser, you can type in web.airdroid.com and you will be presented with a screen like the one shown below.

Airdroid Login Screen

Airdroid Login Screen

If you haven’t created an account with Airdroid, I highly recommend creating one as this will help you access the apps more advanced features. Once you have a user name and password, you can either type it in. But there is an easier way. On the screenshot above, you can see a QR code. In order to login, you just need to open the Airdroid app in your mobile and select the option to login with QR code. The camera will pop open. Just point your mobile camera to the QR code shown in the computer screen and you will be logged in. As simple as that. Now you can start using Airdroid to transfer files, movies, music etc. If you have trouble connecting Airdroid to your computer, here is wikihow article showing how to do that.

 How to transfer files using Airdroid?

Airdroid transfer files like 123. This is by far the easiest way I have seen so far to transfer files from or to your mobile device. Once you logged in using the steps mentioned above, you have two options.

1. Transfer files from your mobile device to your computer (Download)


2. Transfer files from your computer to your mobile device. (Upload)

In order to download data, you use the folders given in the web.airdroid.com page and locate the file you wish to download. Once you did that, select the file or files you wish to download and on the top right portion of the page, click on “Download” button. See the buttons indicated by red underline in the screen shot below.

Airdroid file transfer

Airdroid file transfer

For upload, the procedure is similar. You locate the folder that you wish to upload to and use the upload button shown in the screen shot above. Using this procedure, you can transfer movies, music, e-books, pictures or any other files in and out of your mobile with ease without searching for a cable.

How to remotely access your camera using Airdroid?

In the web.airdroid.com interface, you will be able to make sense of most of the folders like movies, music, files, photos etc. But you will be surprised to see that there is a camera icon there. If you guessed that it is used to access your camera, then you would be right. On clicking the camera icon, you will be prompted with a standard message that the camera cannot be used for anything else while you are using it for Airdroid. Once you click ok, your mobile camera becomes alive and you will be able to see the live feed from your mobile camera on your laptop. How cool is that? And that is not even a premium feature. The beauty of this is that your camera can be in an entirely different room than you and your computer, and you will still be able to do the same as long as both the devices are still in the same network. Suddenly it opens up a wide range of possibilities like using your old mobile or tablet as a child monitor and using your laptop to monitor the child when you are in another room using Airdroid. The below image is a screenshot from my computer while I captured part of my living room. Using the controls in the panel, you can use the front camera, take picutes, make full screen etc.


Access Camera remotely using Airdroid

How to transfer your clipboard(copy/paste content) between Airdroid?

I have come across situations were  I wanted to transfer some written text from my computer to mobile or the other way. Using the Clipboard button in the toolbox section of Airdroid interface, you can simply type something in to the field and transfer it to your mobile. If there is already something saved in your mobile device’s clipboard, then it will show up in here. See the screenshot below.


Airdroid Clipboard

How to find your lost phone using Airdroid?

No, this is not a premium feature. The free version allows you to locate your phone if it is active and pinpoint the location and present it in a map. The only thing you need to do is create an account if you wish to avail this feature.  As you can see in the image below, it correctly located my position and it even gives me option to ring the phone or do an intruder alert. It also allows setting the phone to lost mode (Lock the phone) or safely wipe the data.

Airdroid Locate Phone

Airdroid Locate Phone

This feature also comes handy when you misplaced your phone and want to locate it. i just use the ring feature to locate its whereabouts.

How to use the tools feature in Airdroid?

When accessing the Airdroid app from your mobile device, the default screen that pops up is the connection screen. But if you look closely, there are two other options called “Tools” and “Recommends”  on the top of the screen. The tools option opens up a wide range of sub tools that most of the reviews about Airdroid skip. Here is a short description of the kind of tools.

Device: you can see the ROM, SD Card capacity, Battery, CPU and RAP usage. You can also access the “Release Memory” button to kill unused apps running in the background that are draining the battery.

Apps: This will show all the installed and pre installed apps in your phone. You can even uninstall the apps if you want to clean up your device a bit. The pre installed apps like google play services can be force stopped but not uninstalled. This is not advisable.

Files: This will allow the user to browse the file system and even see hidden files. No need to install a file manager app when you already have Airdroid.

Tasks: Shows the current running tasks and how much free memory is available. It also shows the CPU usage. If you are experiencing slow response time, come to this tool and select a few CPU intensive ones and stop them.

Hotspot: Hotspot allows you to share your mobile data connection to other devices. All using your existing data plan. Not all carriers support this. Make sure that your provider supports this. This is still a beta version as I write this post.

Airdroid Premium review.  Is Airdroid premium worth it?

There is no doubt that they provide some very useful features in the free version. Airdroid premium apk is one of the most sought after apps in the black market. But you wont find any as they have a subscription model. Their premium service is a subscription model where they have three plans available.

1. $38.99 for 2 years plan (Best Value)

2. $19.99 for 1 year (Popular)

3. $1.99 for 1 month (Good to try out)

There are certain features that are reserved for premium users alone. They are given below.

1. Up to 1 GB data quota per month for remote connection mode. There is a limited amount of data quota available for free mode but if you are a heavy user, then you will benefit from this.

2. If someone steals your phone, you can take photos of people trying to unlock your device. You can access this feature by going to f.airdroid.com and logging in using your account details.

3. You will be able to transfer up to 100mb per file in remote connection mode.

4. Remote camera

5. You can dial remotely from the web and talk on the phone.

6. No promotions

7. You can connect upto 6 devices to 1 airdroid account(This in my mind is a great value)

8. Priority support.

So is the premium really worth it. It depends. If your phone does have important information that you want to safeguard, then I think this is a small price to pay. This is one solid app and it has a history of fixing the reported issues on time. It is a very stable app on most popular phones. I suggest that you take the $1.99 plan and give it a try.


Airdroid is a great app and it is worth to take the premium subscription if you have important data in your phone that you wish to safeguard. If you have used their premium service, please share your experience. There is lot of demand to use Watsapp with Airdroid but as of now, that is not possible.

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