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Using Galaxy tab as a phone.

I had written an article on how to use an android tablet like galaxy tab as  a phone. I found out that lots of people wanted to do more with their galaxy tab or other tablets, like making phone calls over wifi. The were looking for using Galaxy tab to make outgoing calls or searching for galaxy tab apps for incoming calls. Even though I have already discussed several options in the link above, More queries are coming in asking about how to use your galaxy tab as a phone. Using galaxy tab as a phone full time is possible but a user taking that decision has to keep the following things in mind.

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  • If you use your galaxy tab as a phone (or any other tablet), the battery will run out of juice quickly. If possible try to plug in while using galaxy tab as a phone for longer period of time. Go through this article on how to save battery life for galaxy tab.
  • Galaxy tab can be used as a phone in both wifi and 3g. But using it in 3G will have a big impact on your data usage and will cause higher charges.
  • Galaxy tab users in UK have the ability to use the device as a phone out of the box. But for some reasons, in US Samsung decided not to include this option
  • There are tons of VOIP services (both paid and free) which are available to use with galaxy tab. Do not pass the VOIP soft phone numbers assigned to your galaxy tab for important contacts. You will never know when these services cease to be free and you will get in trouble. Consider the possibility of creating a Google voice number and linking that number to the VOIP soft phone number.

Nettalk android app for making phone calls in USA

As discussed in the link above, Nettalk android app is the best app available to place outgoing calls from your galaxy tab for free. Here is the mobile Nettalk site if you reading this post via mobile. Nettalk is Free and boasts the following features.

    Nettalk Features

  • Free calling to the US and Canada
  • Record conversations
  • Connectivity through WiFi / 3G / Edge
  • Import your contacts from your phone
  • Receive customized support through 611
  • Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
  • Free 411 Directory Assistance

For a mobile user or galaxy tab user who want to make NetTalk work for them, follow the steps.

  • Visit to create your netTALK Smartphone Account.
  • Download and install the netTALK Smartphone App on your mobile device.
  • Use the username and password you created to login to the netTALK smartphone App.
  • Call your friends for free and invite them to do the same.

Other options to consider for using Galaxy tab as your phone.

Fring app for making calls from galaxy tab

Fring is a free app which allows you to make free calls with other users on fring enabled devices. If the person who you are calling is a Fring user, you can talk to them for FREE for an unlimited period of time. But if you want to call land lines or other mobile which doesn’t have Fring, then you will have to purchase the fring out credit. I have personally purchased fring out credit to make calls and the call quality is really good. Also if you charge for $10, it will not expire for an year.

Ring2Skype to receive incoming calls to galaxy tab

If you just want to use your galaxy tab for incoming calls, then Ring2skype is the best option for you. If you have a skype for android app installed, you just need to go to and register with your skype id. You will be given a phone number and an extension. If you call that number you skype app installed in your galaxy tab will start to ring and you can start talking.

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3 Thoughts on “Using my galaxy tab as a phone. Things to consider.

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  2. What about Line2? That offer VOIP through an android device with a $10 month fee. Have you tried that service on the Galaxy Tab. I would not trust the quality or reliability of a free service.


    • Galaxy on June 1, 2011 at 8:31 pm said:

      Yes, Line2 is a great service. It was featured in many “best apps” lists. You have to pay 9.95 per month for US and Canada. You can call over Wifi as well as 3G data networks and does not use any cell minutes. The text facility provides unlimited texting and you can kiss the carrier text plan good bye.

      Having said that my personal experience with Line2 was not that great. It tends to make some funny noise in the middle of the call. The support for the app was not that great too. So, if you are not fully satisfied with the 7 day trial, don’t go for the paid version. I have only included android apps which I would like to recommend to the users of

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