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How many home screens do you have on your galaxy tab?

I have 5 myself because I try out lots of new apps and gadgets and end up having lots of icons on my home screen. Here are some tips to use the home screens effectively. This should work with many other android devices as well.

  • Did you know you can easily get to any home screen by using the navigation round buttons on the top of your screen? For example, if you have 6 home screens and if you would like to get directly to the 5th home screen, you can directly tap the last round button on the top of your current home screen and you can reach there directly.
  • If all of your home screens are full of apps and if you want to have a birds eye view of how the apps are arranged in different home screens, then you can use the pinch method. Pinch the home screen and you will get a nice little short view of all your home screens. You can easily set any of these pages as the default home from this view. Use pinch zoom or back button to come back to the original position.
  • Sometimes the home screen remains available even if we have deleted all the apps from that screen. In order to get rid of the unwanted home screens, first pinch to get a view of all your home screen in a single screen. Touch and hold the home screen you want to delete. Then move it to the recycle bin. You can also change the order of the home screens by holding and moving it around.
  • Many times I have to move my apps around when my default home screen becomes full. In order to move an app from one home screen to a neighboring home screen, use the touch and hold method. Once the app icon is highlighted, move your finger to the corner of the home screen and hold it there for a few seconds. Automatically the next home screen will come up and you can release the hold on the app icon to place it there.
  • If you are not happy with your current android home screen, there are many paid and free apps available which can replace your home screen with a more vibrant and customizable home screen. If you are looking for a paid app, check SPB shell. If you want a free android home screen app, go for spark.
  • It is not a big surprise that you keep all your most accessed apps in your home screen. Some of the must have apps (at least for me) are the android settings app(to change the settings easily), Task manager app(To kill any unwanted apps), a music player, Gmail, personal finance tracker app like mint, Google reader, Skype, facebook, alarm, adiko reader, a puzzle game like unblock me etc.
  • The home screen button usually put the running apps on hold. This is especially useful in many scenarios. One which is coming to my mind right now is while watching YouTube videos, I will carry my tab with me while moving. Sometimes, it is irritating when the landscape mode suddenly changes to portrait mode. What you can do is play the video and while in landscape mode, press the home button and drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen and lock your screen via orientation lock.
  • Animated wallpapers might be fun for sometime but they will consume lot of battery juice. It is better to play around with it for some time and then uninstall it. It is an unnecessary power drainer.
  • If you are fed up with unlocking your home screen always, use the No Lock android app for keeping your screen unlocked. You can turn screen lock back on by a simple click of the app. I usually keep my screen unlocked. But when I carry it around, I lock it.
  • Keep a to do list android app handy in your default home screen. I use this to record my thoughts, keep a track of grocery items to buy, tasks to complete etc.

I have run out of ideas for the time being. But I will be back with more. If you have any tips to share, please post them in the comments section.

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