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How to take screen shots in galaxy tab

If you are looking for capturing galaxy tab screen shots in your computer, then check this step by step guide on how to capture screenshots on your galaxy tab. There is no straight forward way to take a screen shot for you galaxy tab screen. But there is no need to connect to your computer and install stuff just to take a screenshot (If you are willing to do that refer to the link I provided at the start). There are some ways to take screenshots of your galaxy tab screen without installing any app or software or connecting to your computer.

So, how to take screen shots in galaxy tab?

If you are wondering how to take screen shots on your galaxy tab, then this one is for you. Simply hold the back arrow key on the bottom of the tab and without taking that finger press the power off button once. You will hear a click sound. The files will be stored under my files==>screen capture. Or you can also view it from my gallery app. Here is an example screenshot I have taken.



Galaxy tab screenshot. How to take screenshot in galaxy tab

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  2. Wow. Thanks. All along i thought there is no screenshot for galaxy tab. Aha! Gonna read more of ur blog. I have a question. I bought a powrrtube 3000. Says its also compatible with galaxy tab. But then i couldnt able to charge it. Please help. Though i easily used it for my galaxy ace. Hope u could help me. Thanks!!

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