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Plants Vs Zombies Review

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As mentioned in the previous post, Amazon appstore announced a free game download today via mail. It is actually a paid game but Amazon has given the opportunity for its app store users to try the game for limited time for FREE. I jumped on to the galaxy tab and tried out Plants VS Zombies. The initial verdict is it is a fun game. No noticeable glitches.  And the 7inch galaxy tab screen provides a really cool gaming experience. So, without further delay, here is the Plants Vs Zombies review.

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Plants Vs Zombies . Game story

Planets vs zombies game review launch screen

Zombies are attacking your house and the only way to defend them is by planting different attacking plants on your lawn. There are different types of zombies and there are different kinds of plants. If a zombie breaches the last line of plant defense and reach your house, they will EAT YOUR BRAIN. So, basically, you have to plant plants strategically and defend the house from the zombie.  We need sunlight to plant trees and zombies can attack during day or night. In the night we have special mushrooms to give us sunlight along with the sunflower plant. You have to find a balance between planting enough sunlight producing plants and attacking plants.

Game Intro screen

Plants Vs zombies free game download launch screen


The graphics is good and game is more like a strategy – Adventure game. It has all the ingredients to make it an addictive game. I have played around 12 levels and if I didn’t have to write this review, I would have continued playing. The game loads without much delay. You have to enter the adventure area first by clicking the adventure button on the toomb stone.

Plants Vs zombies game review returning user


Plants vs Zombies a walkthrough

The game starts with a learner level where instructions are given about how to defend the house from zombies. Initially during the first level, the lawn will be very narrow and there will be only one zombie approaching the house. But as game progresses, the lawn becomes larger and larger.


Plants vs zombies game review


After completing each level, a new plant is awarded which has got some special purpose. Also notice the lawn mover at the end of the lawn just before the house entrance. If due to some reason, a zombie eats all the plants and reaches the end of the lawn, then the lawn mover will kill the first zombie. It is only one time for one column of lawn. After that the next zombie which reaches the end of the lawn will enter the house and eat your brain :).

Plants Vs Zombies Game review

As shown in the image above, after the first level in which you have to defend the zombie with pea spitting plants, you will get a sunflower which will give you sun (shown as 150 in the above image). Each plant requires a certain amount of sunlight so that we can plant it. So sunlight from the sunflowers is one of the most crucial element in the game.

Plants Vs Zombies Game review


As shown in the above picture, after getting a new plant, the app will tell you the significance of that plant. As the game progresses, you will get other tools like a shovel with which you can remove a planted plant to make space for another plant. You will also have a crazy neighbor that speaks gibberish who will sell you tools for cash you collect from the lawn by killing the zombies.

Plants Vs Zombies Game review


You have to think on your feet and adapt to different fleets of zombies while playing the game. The key is finding the right balance between attack, defense and finance. The above image shows a stage which was played at night where there is little sunlight. So we have to initially invest heavily on the mushrooms and sun flowers. Then slowly ramp up the attack.

Here is the gallery I have collected. Each image is pretty self explanatory.


Plants vs Zombies review. End veridict

It is a pretty cool game. I think you should give it a try if you like mild strategy games. I have only played the initial levels. So no idea, what is in store in the higher levels. I am sure that there was lot of thought put into planning the levels to make a better engaging user experience. I will give it a 7.5/10

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