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Best Music apps for android and your galaxy tab

This is a review of the best music apps for android devices including your Samsung galaxy tab. There are tons of music apps which self proclaim to be the best but this post is an effort to separate the winners from the crappy ones.

Best music apps for android

Best music apps for Android #1. Pandora Music Radio.

A review of Pandora music app for android.

I am sure you have already heard about Pandora. It is a free internet radio / tool which lets you discover new music based on your taste. You simply type in a song you like and Pandora will play what it thinks are very similar to the song genre you selected. You can then give the songs a “thumps up” or a “thumps down” based on how you liked it. Pandora will learn from your feedback and keep on playing the best songs to your taste.

You can get all the goodness of Pandora in the Pandora android app. It is all about personalized radio. You can do other things like surf the internet when your Pandora is playing. I have been using it for months and it did not give me any issues so far in my Samsung galaxy tablet. Current version is 1.5.6. The file size comes around 1.2 MB and so far it has got more than 250,000 downloads. There are other tools which are similar to Pandora. Slacker radio is one such thing.

Some of the users mentioned that Pandora stops playing or force closes after some time. If you are experiencing the same issue, search for Pandora 1.2 apk in the internet and manually install it. It doesn’t stop playing.

Best music apps for Android #2. Winamp android app.

I remember Winamp from the day I started using my first computer (Some time in the 1990’s).  Winamp is hands down the most reliable music player I have ever used. Lots of music players came and went but Winamp is still there in the industry. So you can guess how much happy I was to know that they had a Winamp android app which I can install in my galaxy tab.

Winamp Android app offers a complete music management solution. This one comes with wireless desktop sync, iTunes library import and access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.  Among other things, with the new Winamp android music app, you can download and stream free music, redesign the home screen, search and find your favorite music, browse by genre and lots more. For more info, visit this page.

Few issues which I found for this app was that I couldn’t find a sort by album option (or artist) in this. Other good to have features include an automatic power off for night sleeping mode. I also did not find any equalizer with this app. So there is room for improvement.

Best music apps for Android #3. Myxer android app.

Myxer is a free android app which lets you create custom ringtones from the music stored on your phone among other things. You can even record your own voice and turn it into a ring tone. Myxer has got a huge catalog of free ringtones. You can access this and customize it as per your need. If you want to cut a specific section of the track you want to set as your ring tone, you can do it with myxer android music app. You can also see what other myxer users has marked as most popular song sections and download them if you want. There are tons of free and premium MP3s and downloads available. If you have used Audigy on PC, you will get the same experience here. This is the best ringtone and mp3 app on the market as of now.

For tablet users, ringtones doesn’t do any good because when I am writing this article, users in USA will not be able to make calls via their tablets through a wireless carrier like Verizon. But they can still use it as a ring tone for their alarm clock or calender notifications. Here is a link to a more detailed review of myxer

Best music apps for Android #4. Freemusicdownloader.

This app is every music enthusiast’s dream come true. Freemusicdownloader from Cosla let you search and download tons of free Mp3 from public search engine. The interface is super simple. It also provides some capability to edit the music and set it as your ring tone but not as extensive as myxer. You can play the MP3 online and locally. There is special emphasis given to managing the songs which you download. Most of the times (for popular songs) you can find multiple download links or options. Even though it is free, it will allow you to buy the CD if you really want to help the artist.You can preview the songs before you download.

The main problem with it is that sometimes the download links will be broken. But as you have multiple options to download, this is rarely a problem. I did not like the look and feel of the interface much. Some phones have reported that the app freezes sometimes and users ended up rebooting the phone. But this was a rare comment among the thousands of positive feedback.

Best music apps for Android #5. Shazam for android.

Shazam is an innovative way to discover more about music. Next time you hear a music you love, you can immediently identify the details about that album. Just hold your android device up to the song to identify the track, buy it, check the videos, get the lyrics etc.

You can directly identify the music and buy it on amazon. You can tag songs when you are offline with a feature called offline tagging. Shazam will also allow you to see your friends tagged music and tracks in your own tag list. Another cool feature is to read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies. It also comes with some cool features like sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the downsides of the app is that some users have reported that it force closes on some phones like HTC EVO. Many consider Shazam as a great tool to identify the music. They then head to tools like freemusicdownloader for android to see whether there is a free download available. May be Shazam programmers can think about how they can offer more to the customers for free. By the way, the music player has lots of room for improvement.

Best music apps for android #6 Google music app

The Google music app is the latest android music app which has taken the android world by storm. It has got tons of features and having the Google brand name means that we can trust them. I tried out the app some time back and was quite pleased with it for a new release. There are some things which they need to fix. But It is overall a great app. You can store up to 2000 songs on the cloud (a fancy word for online storage) and you can stream the music to any of your android devices or google music enabled devices without downloading it physically. I tried reading an ebook which was 1 hour long and it never played. Hoping that hey will fix the issues soon. To see a more detailed review, visit article about How to connect to Google music android app.

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