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Best alarm clock apps for Galaxy tab.

Best alarm clock apps for android and galaxy tab







There are tons of android apps for alarm clocks and simple clocks. I have tested out a large number of alarm clock apps and thought of writing a review for various FREE clock apps and time management apps out there.

Why so many alarm clock apps for android?

You might ask, why should there be so many apps for such a small thing – An alarm clock? One reason is because different people like to manage their time differently. Most of the people out there would like a simple alarm clock which can wake them up in the morning. But people want more out of their alarm clock application these days.  For example, some would like to play the radio instead of their early morning alarm tone.  Some would like an hourly chime to keep them reminded of the time. Some would like a stop watch or a timer to remind them of day today activities like check their meal, check the laundry in the washing machine etc. Well, in andorid apps world, I haven’t seen a single app which can do all these things. But there is an app for all your requirements. Here are some of the alarm clock apps or timer apps which I love.


1. Bellman Android app.

Bellman App for android is by far the best alarm clock app which I have used so far. I installed it because it announces time every hour (or every half an hour or quarterly as per the setting). This is great if you are doing some time dependent task and wanted to keep a close tab on the time. It can act as a time announcer on for your android device which means the exact time will be “announced” every hour. If the phone or tablet is switched off and you wanted to know the time quickly without powering up and unlocking the screen lock, you can do it by simply shaking the phone/tablet and bellman can detect that and announce the time for you.

In addition to the above features, what I love about bellman android app the most is it has got tons of customizable features. Each option comes in with settings where you can customize it in every way imaginable. It is also very easy to set the alarm with bellman android app. It also supports popular music files (Like mp3, ogg, wav, mid, m4a etc) as alarm tone. It is the best alarm clock app in business and guess what it is totally FREE.

A few things to keep in mind while using this app.

  • The shake feature is disabled by default. You have to enable it
  • The shake feature will consume more battery life. So think hard if you want it or not.
  • In general, this app uses more battery life than your regular alarm app
  • When time is announced, it will not say it is AM/PM (Not that everyone needs it :))
  • It announces the time during calls
  • Shake feature doesn’t work sometimes. You will have to shake the hell out of your phone / tablet. If it doesn’t work, you will look like a big fool 🙂
  • I still haven’t figured out why it uses internet.

You can learn more about the latest Bellman alarm clock android app here

2. Stopwatch and timer alarm clock android app

The second timer device which i wanted to review is the stopwatch and timer android app. I have been using this app for quite some time now and love what it has to offer. It has got two modes of operation. The stopwatch mode and the timer mode. I use the timer mode more often. The apartment were I live in, we have a common washing machine for each floor. If you are say 5 minutes late to take out your cloths, people will take it out and put it on a dirty table on the laundry room. I just hate that. So when I put cloths in laundry, I set the timer for 40 minutes and I can go about doing other stuff without worrying about what time it is. When the timer times out the alarm will go off and I will head straight to the laundry room. I also use it for cooking and other time bound tasks. You can set multiple timers ahead of time which makes it easy to start it. For example, I have different timers for laundry, rice cooking, chicken curry, office tasks etc. This is one of the best alarm clock apps in its category.

The second function is a stop watch which will allow you to use your android device as an excellent stop watch to record multiple laps. I am not a big sports person. I use this feature for figuring out the time taken to cook some dishes. I will figure out the exact time by using the stopwatch and then set a new timer with the time taken for future uses. You can download stopwatch & timer android app from the android app market.

3. Alarmdroid Alarm clock app for android

Alardroid is one of the best alarm clock apps in its category and hence found a place in my list. It was one of the first alarm clock apps I installed because I was not happy with the inbuilt alarm clock app which Galaxy tab android 2.2 came with. Alarmdroid is a feature rich application. One of the best features I love about the alarmdroid app is the way in which I can snooze the alarm. When the alarm is ringing, simply turn it or flip it and it snoozes. It not only announces the time, but it can be set up to announce the local weather conditions as well.

Another feature which comes with the clock is the math puzzle feature. If you activate this, you will be presented with a math puzzle each time the alarm rings. In order to turn off the alarm, you need to solve the puzzle. It will get your brain up and running in the morning.

So why didn’t I put it in the top of my list? Because for some android phones and android tablets, users reported problems. The interface is not the best one I have seen. Lots of bugs have been reported recently and I hope the programmer/creator is working to fix those issues. You can find download the app from the android market place.

4. Alarm clock plus for android

I tried alarm clock plus in my galaxy tab for some time and here is what I think about the app. It is stabler than the alarmdroid app and got better user reviews. I found it more stable and the interface was better. There are some cool features like the nap alarm which some might find attractive. The UI design is intuitive and fun to use. Alarms are easy to set up and super customizable. The support being provided for this app is great. The issues gets addressed fast because you can see updates often. You can set up math puzzles to solve before you turn off the alarm.

One issue I found with this app is that when an alarm rings, you will first have to unlock the screen and then snooze or turn off the alarm. Another thing, you can’t completely trust the weather predictions it offers :). This is one of the best alarm clock apps for general purpose uses. There is a free version with ads along with a paid version without ads. You can download the free alarm clock plus version here.

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